Andreas Japar , a pioneer entrepreneur in hemodialysis business in Indonesia established two business entities namely PT Masa Lestari Husada-the distributor and PT Masa Cipta Husada- the health facilities Management in 2006. He was born on December 29, 1958 in Cirebon, Indonesia. Andreas has always been independent. In his years of college, Andreas took a part time job as a teacher in Yahya Christian High School and Bina Bakti Christian High School in Bandung. He taught mathematics, physics and chemistry from 1978 until 1984. In his fourth semester Andreas realized that his passion was not pharmacy. He then changed his major in ITB from pharmaceutical to physical engineering. Andreas started his career at PT Berca Indonesia from asales engineer and ended up as a manager. With his qualified experience in 1994,  Andreas was posted a a country manager of Baxter Healthcare Far East Pte Ltd. In his years of service for Baxter Healthcare Far East Pte Ltd, Andreas got the chance to take his master degree in Finance and Strategic Managementat Maastricht School of Management-Holland. After the economic crisis that hit Indonesia in 1998, Andreas  regained his career as a country manager for Fresenius Medical Care that just started its new business in Indonesia. In December 2006 he then established PT Masa Lestari Husada and PT Masa Cipta Husada. He is currently the President Director of PT Masa Lestari Husada and the Director of PT Masa Cipta Husada









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