Disruption of Hemodialysis Service in Indonesia

ajp and renald

Change is a must. The era of “Zero to One” is over, and we are even now in the era of the third internet world which moves very fast, exponential and hard to be pursued by the inactive people. They are not doctors. How can they disrupt the health service through some clinics in 40 venues and this will soon reach 400 throughout Indonesia? 


Heart and Kidney

Do you know that often times patient with Heart disease also suffers from  kidney disease or the other way around? Do you know why? This article will give you information about the relationship of the human organs  between  the heart and the kidneys.


How to Prevent Chronic Kidney Failure ?

Due to the huge cost of treatment, we should maintain our health to  prevent us from Chronic Kidney Failure. We do not need to spend  a lot and  to make big  effort to do the prevention.



What is Chronic Kidney Disease ?

Chronic kidney disease is related to other diseases or other health problems that can damage the blood vessels in the kidneys. These two diseases are the most common problems that can cause chronic kidney failure.




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